BOSCH Vertu DC Inverter Split

BOSCH Vertu DC Inverter Split

The BOSCH Vertu DC Inverter Split is a high-efficiency, cost-effective DC inverter-driven ductless split heat pump system. Distinguished by its compact and quiet design, the vertu sustains significant energy savings with its intelligent defrost and heating capabilities and a low voltage start-up feature.  The advanced inverter technology and Comfortable Sleep Mode function allow the Bosch to operate at a whisper-quiet volume and maintain steady temperature cycles for maximum comfort. Combined with a low ambient cooling feature, multiple fan speeds and intelligent pre-heating, the Bosch achieves16 SEER. Never compromising the price of innovative efficiency, the Bosch guarantees to significantly reduce energy loss and your utility bill.

DC Inverter Split - BOSCH Vertu DC Inverter Split


High efficiency Inverter Technology

16 SEER Efficiency all sizes

Low Ambient Cooling to 5° F (230V systems)

Low voltage start-up

Intelligent Defrost

Intelligent Pre-heating

Comfortable Sleep Mode

Auto Swing (Vertical)

Multiple Fan Speeds

Auto Clean

Dry Anti-mildew design

LED display

Automatic Operation


Memory Function


Control lock

Fan delay function

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